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1. i like making lists. all sorts of list, big one small one anyone??

2. i have to pee before every single race, call it nervous but i just like to feel light before going into any race.

3. i have to swim from the beginning, as in i have to start from the wall, not from the middle or anything.

4. i love to fall asleep on the couch with my tv on, i’ll wake up when the tv is turned off. i think i like waking up to continue watching tv, haha!!!

5. i think im a neat freak in certain ways. most of the time, except for my room. But when i get to clean it, i’ll make sure it’s really really clean.

6. i love the smell of pool water on my hand. if i miss the pool too much, when i get there, i take a deep breadth and smile by myself.

7. i have quite a serious OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. i have a need to double check my things. therefore, it is impossible for me to pack my bag the night before because i would just take everything out again and repack, so just i remember i had pack everything again. then when i go out, i would check again. so from the period before i leave home to about i get on the train, it is almost half an hour of panic hours.

8. miracle time! i dropped three of my most important cards in the world. my atm card, ic and my NAFA student card, and the best of all, the three were returned to me. how fantastic this is. and so weird. dont ask me how i drop them, im as clueless as you do.

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