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photography doesnt come naturally to me i guess. i wasnt exposed to it till maybe say 2004 or 2005 i guess. to tell the truth, i didnt know what attracts me to photography. perhaps the sudden realisation that hey my photos are aint bad and perhaps i could do something about it.

it was kinda a quiet escalation.

it was the digitize age, digital was the rave and i was pulled along with it. i took my dad’s nikon digital camera and went around playing. i think it is quite marvelous to ask my friend’s why chose the camera they are using right now. and how funny our answers are so similar.

it is the first camera they are being handled with.

for me, it’s nikon. i fell in love with it. the design, the look, the sharpness, the colour. my dad’s 2 megapixel was running out of idea and creativity for me. still, i just wanted to play around with photography, i’ve upgraded myself up to a 4 megapixel camera. it was the very first camera i’ve bought with my first salary.

i’m so glad to say that there wasnt any scratches and was maintained very well until recently the shutter button was spoilt. (that was another story).

i considered a long time. the idea of being a photography. still, going into theatre was at the back of my head. the idea of able to fall back into theatre comforts me. i’ve decided to went ahead with photography. went ahead with the idea of going into the new course at NTU, and at the same time to invent myself in a DSLR. I got my baby nikon, D70s.

the confusion was there. reading through the manual didnt help, i was a mess with the camera, the dial and the buttons were figured out through many pressing and trials and errors. to me, photography is quite a long and slow learning process. i didnt mind that, im glad for the slow process, it actually allows me to learn plenty.

i must say, i only really learnt when i started photography in year 2 NAFA.

even though i had a DSLR, the concept of photography was still very much raw and new to me. i knew i had the passion and occasion someone said i had the eye for it. but then i wasnt so sure whether am i able to produce good photo everytime.

and initially i was very very against the idea of photoshop. i feel every single time i open the photoshop i feel like a cheater. like shouldnt photography be as original as it should be. then, the more i learnt photoshop,i see the magic being done to make this photograph more spectacular and better. it gives me a better idea, still i could make the choice, i do not want to touch photoshop. allow it to stay as original as possible.

i was kinda forced to go back to square one when i started photography in year 2 NAFA. because they dont want you to start off with digital and instead with film. i had just nice gotten myself a nikon fm2 before the holiday.

the handling of a manual camera was quite frustrating and i had problem remembering that i need to press the release button before winding it, and cost myself one roll of film. my first roll didnt went well either, it got exposed when winding it back and i spent half an hour trying to find the screw that fell out of the camera.

i got quite frustrated and scared. every single shot i wanted to plan carefully and measure properly, there wasnt any auto focus for me now. and with the first few rolls frustrated me, i get worried.

luckily it was the problem of foggy lens, incorrect metering and a purchase of new lens, the problems slowly disappeared. i got more relaxed with using a totally manual and able to focus better. the shots got better i must say. :)

printing session was getting better. the quality of the prints was quite satisified, though the occasional dust could annoy the hell out of me. the 14 weeks of learning did benefited me greatly alot. Learning through film allows me to handle my digital camera more usefully, utilizing to it very best. i don’t just shoot because this is pretty, now i think i shoot with an idea at the back of my head.

the photographs these recently few months are one of my most satisifying shots, now looking back, i’ve realised i have been quite silly shooting aimlessly at other things. i approached photography very differently now, embracing more for it as an art rather than a tool just to commemorate memories and time.

i see how it calms me down and make me smile for no reason. i like how art calms people, how you are able to see the marvelous artwork create. im still quite proud to say i have alot more things to learn, i cannot wait to learn more and experiment more. black and white photography got the best interest out of me, i cant wait to see what colour films bring.

maybe the input of colour brings photography into another level. the colour of emotions.

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