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our new toy is webcam whoring.

this best friend i know since jc didnt exactly start off in the best friend category.

she wasnt in the clique that i hang around initially, i was sticking with my secondary school mates more often during the first few months. i didnt know how exactly we spoke to each other but somehow we bonded. i think over when erman abu bakar ditched us, when we waited 2 hrs for him.

even so, we werent as close as right now.

i would get frustrated with her once in a while and chose not to talk to her. she would then get frustrated and talk to other people. it is quite funny, i had no idea how we survived two years in jc. i didnt had much memory in jc, just that sitting with her in class, sports day, you know i was still in the awkward period. it just wasnt as fun as right now. maybe i wasnt so bitchy, more “innocent” to put it this way. and i remembered i was so pissed at ryan (now best friend bf) for mistreating her and making her real upset. im glad this was all in the past.

even after we graduated, ms tan did say, i wouldnt think we would contact each other but somehow or rather we did. haha. and i think things got alot better when i joined ASK, and gillian ang joined the two of us. it was crazy then.

this was us in 2004. i told best friend that i missed being this thin, haha she told me my body shape is now better and my arms are the result from too much swimming. oh well. and please dont ask, i know, we all look kinda cock.


from 2005 to 2007. actually i already updated alot in this page but then it disappeared, so i got lazy and decided to compile all the photos. the prettier ones of course. hahaha. anyway i think we really take alot of photos, to count is basically like counting hays. hoho.

  1. thank you ms tan and ms ang for the angry surprise birthday treat. looking back i had fun carrying the balloons back.
  2. the 21.1km run with me last year. it was tedious but i was looking forward to see you and encouraging you to run faster. this year 42.195km, we shall conquer it, irregardless the cuiness of our knees.
  3. the junk food she accompanied me to eat. im seriously addicted to junk food and she keep wanting to diet but when im around we would go on to our crazy junk food aka mac diet. must be the swimming.
  4. my best shopping partner, we blew crazy on shopping man.
  5. clubbing! how the hell clubbing suddenly was incorporated into our lives. but still it was fun.
  6. all the gossip. man were we bitchy.

i called her best friend now. we chat almost everyday on msn, go out every weekend, a sure fun outing. eat, take photos, and then complained we’re getting fat. there’s certain things that dont change, i still want to be tan, she still cant make up her mind on being tan or fair, i think she’s sticking with being fair now. even though we got more things on our mind now, her bf and my non-existence love life, and furthermore i dont think i can ditch her considering she has so many dirt on me. !!!!!!!!

i think we will still be each other’s best friend till we’re old? don’t you agree, ms tan.?

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  1. Idetrorce permalink
    December 15, 2007 11:11 am

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. shihan.chen permalink*
    December 15, 2007 1:02 pm

    maybe, maybe not.

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