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life could be the strangest thing that ever happen.

i just deleted the whole previous page i had written for about me. so much have changed ever since i clicked on the publish for this page. the way i think mostly.

i smiled and shivered looking at the past photos i’ve taken and thought to myself, “how the hell did i let myself look like that at all.” change was indeed necessary. the way i look few years ago and now, i’m afraid that most people would not even recognise me at all. it does prove the point when a girl that i used to go to school with walked past me without the slightest change in the facial expression.

i believed i was born a boy previously. haha. i possessed alot of the man qualities as a child through teenager stage. fights, quarrels, runs, sports, short hair, shorts and whatever you can name. till this day i have friends calling me brother. i get more comfortable hearing the word brother than sister in any time of the day.

my parents’ divorce, my dad’s crazy and lunatic girlfriend have got me stronger through life. once in a while, i weaken and show my signs to my close friends but i always put up a strong appearance infront of my friends. as the eldest in the family, i had the idea i would be the one protecting my family members no matter what happen, and i should stood by them all the time. it made me love the family a lot more and appreciate for an occasional laughter with them. even an hour program tv session with the full family just makes the whole day worth while.

i have the most wonderful friends, that put up with all my crazy talks, insane mood swings and what-so-ever. i’ve grew to learn that not every friend can be a lifelong friend, there are only a few that you can truly say they are the ones that will last a lifetime. and you know who you are.

academic wise, i wasnt so wise all along. maybe studying a little bit harder could have change my career path in a totally different direction. But that is life, i can say i am truly glad that it turned out this way. for the 12 years of education, i was lucky. i managed to scape through without studying and the grades were above average. the turning point starts when i enrolled myself in an art school and embark in an environment that i am unfamiliar and not used to. i struggle for a while and only at year 3 i did finally ease myself slightly into the environment. i cant say i am 100% artified, but 30% is still a good number.

i believe that you are the one that is responsible in making changes to your life. i tried, and it did paid off. i was very lucky enough to get my works featured in the 2008 month of photography festival. i still cannot gush enough about the opportunities that were presented to me. this could be something i would do for a lifetime, photography i mean. my still standing goal is to move to NY and work and make a name for myself.

a friend asked me if i want to be famous. i told him, i do not want to be famous but recognized for my works. that is something i want to achieve. people can be famous but for one to be recognized in their field, that is a hard task to attain. i hope i can do that.

life, can be and is the strangest and most wonderful thing that ever happen.







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