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the thing about karma

January 3, 2009

they work in their own mysterious way
you will be unaware when it hits you
until you realise it does, it will come fast,strong and lasting
you can say all you want, defend all you want, gloat all you want in your own pathetic little world
karma does and will work its own magic
when it does, i won’t hesitate to hide my grin and smile like a cheshire cat
if i were you, i would not say things so early
and i would be praying for karma to fall on you

you already threw all the dignity left inside of you out,
so i bet when karma strikes you, you have nothing to lose.
that’s why, you welcome them with open arms
there’s already nothing left inside of you

in good karma stories,
best friend and i ran.
we relived our old memories of running, such a joy to run right beside and slip right back into pacing, talking and setting a target for ourselves.
despite running with so many other people, we realise that each other is still the best companion to run. i have never felt this way in a very long time. usually at the 15min mark, my brain would keep telling me to give up give up give up. i cant imagine that even after the 45mins, my legs and heart would want more. in the end we ran another 2km under 12mins pace. it was the JC high that we always wanted. chanting skinny skinny skinny skinny really does help, we laugh and talk as we run. i think we’re the only two person who likes to chit chat while we run, plus even when the pace is getting faster and faster, our tone of voice still maintain the same. incredible, i cant wait to have that feeling permanently every once a week.

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