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December 31, 2008

i wanted to do what i did for 07 and summarize what i did.

but i decided i should not.

no1. i am lazy.

no2. i should just do as the feeling goes.

2008 in general has been a good year for me, i wouldnt say it is up all the way but lots of good things happened along the way. many firsts. many seconds. many laughters. many tears.

  1. my first exhibition.
  2. my first photofair.
  3. my first crowbar award
  4. my first customer buying my photos
  5. my first school poster shoot.
  6. my magazine interview
  7. my first paper interview
  8. my first tattoo
  9. and there was you.

thank you for the people who believe in me, giving me plently of chances to showcase my works and also friends that came down to support no matter how late or how wet the weather is. i have been blessed by people around me and yes definitely the people who gave comments about my works, irregardless whether is it positive or negative, they made an impact on my works.

i’ve been really active in school this year doing the open house, orientation and exhibitions. getting to know people and making them part of my life, people like mohan, jk, naz,fizi, ramzi, irni, zin., fazil. they have been nothing but pure joy to this year alone and everyday i get to say hi to these people and hang out with them. classmates wise, i guess alot of ups and downs. we went into ur own major and lesser and lesser time to spend with each other. although we made time to at least celebrate the birthdays, no matter how big or small we plan.

getting pampered by stylist, photographers for the school photo shoot is another new experience. having to see an entirely new me and looking at myself on the screen is weird. i know i kinda experienced it before but having an entire makeover is a new high.

old friends. best friends. will always be there. every year we seem to go through different phase. every year we grow mature and deal with different things. still, the chemistry and laughter never went away. each time after a long time we met, the groove just went back right in. there isnt any need to bond again or catch up. that is how i love about them and the fact that they are always truthful, and you trust their opinions entirely.

taking a step out and getting myself a tattoo. courage of the heart. i didnt reget it at all. in fact i love it, i believe in the powers it gave and hopefully in the future also. plus it made me realised that hey tattooing isnt so painful at all. an experience that i can keep with me.

ms ang. the one that always can make me laugh with her scheme, plots and steps. you could actually go write a book about the chronicles of ms ang’s theory. it is not nice to make people laugh infront of their computer screen, it is quite rude actually haha. one of the best times i had was disguising as a business person and pretending to be one of them when actually a blind man could tell i was there for the food and drinks only. :) thank you for also coming down to support me in most of the exhibitions or fairs i had. i hope you can officially go out of the market soon!

ms tan. every year would be incomplete if there wasnt you. i’m glad for the steps you made in your life, and no matter what decision you make, i would be there 101% to support you. i think we have come to a level that we don’t judge each other and instead analyse every single action we does. so can we consider ourselves adults? hahaha nah………just for once, let’s us pretend we are still in JC and you’re sulking because i refuse to talk to you. love you.

and lastly, you. im grateful for your appearance in my life, though we known each other since the beginning of the year and sparks flew only around in october. yes, gloat on the fact that i had a tiny crush on you in july . the feeling came strong and hard and i fell for you more than i should. i took a plunge and it was the best decision i ever did. spending time with you, looking at you, talking to you seems like a everyday routine but yet taken granted for. we both wish for the same thing and i hope it really does come true cause i cant imagine not spending the rest of my life with you. you officially hold the key to my heart now.

my 08 no matter how was wonderful. i hope 09 will be fantastic with the fireworks! haha

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  1. January 9, 2009 7:45 pm

    hey!! congrats that you finally gotten a crowbar award and woah!! tatoo!! where where? didnt show me? we should have shower together lah then you show me save water somemore!! hahaha!! and yeah there is him who come into your life… hope youre happy always ya babe!!

  2. shihan.chen permalink*
    January 11, 2009 8:55 am

    now’s the trend to save some water right?
    yar…thank you thank you. love ya.

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