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what a way

December 28, 2008

what a way for liverpool to end 08.
5-1 against newcastle. though reina wasnt performing to his best.
given, newcastle goalkeeper, is good! attempted goal after goal he managed to prevent it from hitting the net.

im high!
gay buddy just made me the official “liverpool gal”
hahaha. inside joke between me and gay buddy.
now he will definitely keep informing about the next soccer match.

let’s hope chelsea gets a draw. HAHA!
gay buddy, me wants a liverpool jersey if you want me to continue to be the liverpool gal.
next time i ask you, dont hmmmmm for so long.

damm! im high from the run and the match.
:) it is a good high though, should run more often.
*looks at my knees, please be good. i will buy the joint vitamin*

half for the jersey now.
full when league ends if we win the championship.

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