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December 18, 2008

i just realised.
i cannot do without music wherever i go.
it seems like im lacking something in my life if i dont have music.

i think i lived my life 80% being afraid.

afraid of the unknown, afraid of the knowns, afraid of the changes, afraid of everything.

even things that i know that benefits me rather than hurting me, i am afraid because i am so comfortable in the zone i am in of doing absolutely nothing that i don’t do anything to change my life. i know i should be spending my holiday doing something productive and benefiting to my second semester and after diploma, but it just seems where i am sitting or rather lying right now is taking over the control of the brain.

even going out of the house seems like a chore to me. i’m just happy staying at home, in my own world, with the laptop fulfilling my imagination.

so how do i change my life and go ahead with life and dare to venture. if you think i am adventurous, think again really hard. cause most of the times, i am driving with a blindfold.

so what’s my direction now?
NAFA, USA, UK, WORK, back to where i was initially in, or………………
will the passion last for a lifetime, i’ve seen so many friends change and work in lines totally opposite from theirs. do they stop to think if they enjoy their jobs or the main motivation is the money.

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  1. December 18, 2008 9:03 pm

    let your heart bring you to where u’d suppose to :)

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