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christmas came early.

December 7, 2008

if i had to end 2008 right now, this would round up to be the best 08 ever!

surprisingly was what i had in mind to describe my day at the photo fair.

but first,

thank you all so much objectifs for the help you provided all along. i am so so grateful for the easel, for inviting me in this photo fair, just looking out for me constantly. i have so much gratitude for you guys there.

The affordable photo fair for me, started really slow.

seeing other stalls’s photos getting sold, i came to settle with the fact that i am here to chit chat and tell people about my work. if they did stop in their tracks and look at my photos, i won half the battle.

UNTIL, this guy came and approach me to ask about the midnight’s children. it was just a brief chat and he asked how much i was selling for, i just gave a 250$ quote because i didnt know what to expect plus my mind was filled, the frame had scratches, scratches, scratches. he said he would walk around and see how.

the second time he dropped by, he told me he was an art collector and started telling me about the different photographers. then he also mentioned that he bought joel yuan’s photo, the similar series of his winning photo. In my mind, it already went if he buys my work, my work would be beside his work. MUHAHAHAHA. (i was grinning to myself). he walked off the second time to see other work.

he came back for the final time, considered and look. i think he was more interested when i told him “it was the exhibition piece” and “it was the first edition”. that got him to seal the deal. i sold my very first work to an art collector. :), when i took down the frame, i swear the whole room was looking at us. when he gave me his namecard, my eyes open wide. he was a doctor and had his own clinic. WOW. anyway, we spent a good amount of time using black markers to tone down the scratches. can you believe, someone bought a frame with scratches and didnt mind it?

maybe he was my lucky charm.

and the second person who bought my print, made my entire day. he came and started looking at my photos, turned to me saying “i saw your exhibition and i really like your photos”. then he asked about the second frame photo i had on display which i didnt had any intention to sell it in the first place but was upset when he knew the ink was from hp. it already seems like he knew alot about these kind of things. then i proceeded to show him my other works, he asked “do you have anything bigger?” luckily i got a few a3 printed out and he without any hesitation purchased one.

that wasnt it. what was the best that he just vaguely mentioned that he is a photographer also. i asked for his name card and silly me i didnt recognised he was Tan Ngiap Heng. he is this really fantastic singaporean photographer i love and admire and he bought my photos! i was elated. the heart just beats even faster knowing it was him. my work is with him! :) my stall was near with super nice sofa and he sat down talking to the organisers and they asked him if had bought other works, he said this “i only buy interesting works“. me is very very very very very happy to hear that. he even said to me that he would give me a discount at objectifs because i wanted to get his books. happiness ok! and i can even get a signature from him. my mouth was already grinning from ear to ear.

one, an art collector. two, a famous photographer. what’s next.

i was already prepared to keep and go home because it was near closing time. one lady came by and started telling me how she likes my works at the exhibition. she started flipping through and really deciding what she wanted to buy. she didnt even hesitate whether if it is worth it. she got another exhibited print from me, what a way to close the fair. 3 prints, although much lesser than what the rest sold but i think i made the most out of all. STILL, the best experience i had with the people i met, people i spoke to and people who stopped by to look at my photographs. i cant say how high i was, i basically kept talking and talking when he came and fetched me. i was literally like an engerizer bunny. if i had a video, i swear i would record it and replay it over and over rather than replaying it in my brain. HAHAHAHA.

and you will be pleased to know i started telling them our graduation show. hopefully they will turn up and buy one of our works. hee hee hee. i slept with a big grin on my face. ms ang, i am working towards the NY dream! and thank you all so much for the lunch, drink and the company. i think you brought the luck down and made the day even better. yes a treat from me soon :).

and you. thank you for rushing down. thank you for helping me to carry the heavy stuff home and the dinner treat. you round up the fantastic day i had, one of the best to be exact. just you to end the day with.

oh yar, sexcow i received my result. alamak my dad said he open the letter box, never loh! it was happily lying in the letterbox. i passed the stupid theatre module, D to be exact. HAHAHA. more importantly, it was imprinted in my mind, NO MORE THEATRE AND SPACE MANICS. the rest were average with Bs, and Cs, no A though.

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  1. Mortuza Biswas permalink
    December 7, 2008 10:54 pm

    Dear Shihan Chen,

    I have no idea that, where are you lives. I am living in Bangladesh. I have been read your posts. ‘Christmas come early’ thanks for the notes. I would like to share you that. Some Bengali Christians are could not the celebrations at all. In my home village hits Sidr, Nov. 15th 20007.

    Many people have no a blankets for the cold nights. Their suffering with many people. Children are sufferings too.

    So that, if your friends can do anything for those people, that should be help full.

    Have a good day.

    Mortuza Biswas.


  2. December 8, 2008 12:43 am

    omg tan ngiap heng!!! so cool!!!i also want to meet him! haha congrats dear!!! when im rich i shall buy one of yr prints too!:)
    have a great wk ahead!

  3. December 8, 2008 1:49 am

    hey miss chen
    i m super duper happy for u cos you are one talented lass.keep it up miss chen(:

    and i was just telling scarlett’s bf that this yr is ur yr!with the 1st photo exhibition and all.
    keep it up(:

  4. shihan.chen permalink*
    December 8, 2008 4:56 pm

    thank you SD! you are always so supportive. soon will be your turn!
    sharis, hahaha you can come with me to meet him when i go to his place to get an autograph. hahaha

  5. fika permalink
    December 8, 2008 11:26 pm

    wow wow, that’s so cooooool! and should i mentioned the feature at ISH, hehehe. well done shihan (:

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