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black lust.

December 3, 2008

credits to stockholm street style

black. black. black. winter. fall. autumn.

black trench coat with the LBD, tights, stockings, and a pair of black shoes. simply stylish and lovely from the top to the bottom. a LBD shall be on my list together with the black trench coat. :)

was on a clean my room mission, i think i did pretty well. another day or two, the area will be retidy up and arrange. right now, i shall settle with clean and tidy.

*countdown to the affordable photofair* the floorplan layout looks really good, my table is the first one you see once you step in the door. if you are free this coming sat, drop by the new majestic hotel, come and see singaporean photographers selling their works. if you see something you like, prints are going 300$ and below, or even just go there chat with them. :).

and i missed my desktop. boohoo. i should just take the cpu out and let my dad’s friend to fix it. the laptop is fabulous but i miss the big lcd screen. AHA! i’m a sucker for big screen.

another thing, gotta plan my christmas events. this year seems set to end and start packed with events, gatherings and presents. haha!

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