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November 25, 2008

somehow i think what happens today is just a sign that someone above does not want me to have a holiday. hahaha!

rendering the video is a bitch, i spent two hours just to get it done. in the end i cut half and half, all that to submit a two minute video. and then, on the way i lost the cd i burnt the video in, so i submitted an empty envelope. my lecturer was like, why is it empty. luckily luckily there was the laptop to rely my dear life on. hoho!

serena and i went up the hill.

all to see a wild life photography exhibition, but. we didnt check which days the gallery is open and it has to rest on the day we went. what a bummer, all the walking just to see a close sign. hmmmmm.

at least i am productive on the official first day of holiday.

one lipstick jungle episode.

one hour of run and walk, i managed at least 30mins without stopping.

one.two hours of attempting to clean, i did managed well enough.

i wonder what is up next? hee hee hee.

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