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a lil surprise, a lil bus ride, a lil bit of the old days

November 23, 2008

thank you for the nice surprise.

the dinner, the company, the ride home, the future.

i’ve been trying to find the old feelings that i used to have with you during school, like how we always can read each other minds, that we know what we are going to do. the desk table days, the everyday phone conversation, the house visits. school is memorable because of you.

you mentioned that we drfited apart yesterday and my birthday messages. i felt a tinge of regret. was it me who didnt make an effort or just that our personality changes and it just seems like other people match the new personality better?

remember the exact report of our personality?

remember the dream makers days. yes we are still the pioneer batch, the workshop,our supposedly new zealand prize trip, and our supposedly syf participation.

let’s go for the new zealand trip ourselves, to fulfill our really high hopes in wanting to win. itwas still so funny as i could remember. i still want to fly over to aussie and visit you, i feel bad for saying but not putting it into action.

dearest old friend, make sure we keep in touch constantly till we grow old, even if it takes a letter, an email, a touch, a call, a visit, a cry, a laugh, just to keep in touch.

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