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November 22, 2008

sexcow. amalina. photoclass.

the amount of photos we have taken over the past week or so i think has accumulated to over a few hundred. just like what ms teo says, actually we love ourselves very much. veryverytrue.

one last to dress to go. it’s video. heh heh im quite excited to do video, after effect queen can!

i have the ability to scare daniel with the regards of my music collection. i have the most rare and unknown Cd that daniel also has. haha and he laughed at my extensive collection of nsync. all i wanted is the first CD, i dont care about the cover, all i want is just the CD. i almost burst the bank at the CD and DVD i’ve got. tsk tsk tsk. i think this has almost become a holiday routine to do, stack up on the movie collection.

my dad questioned me about the high phone bill this month. :( the amount of sms went crazy this month lah. i think i have to limit myself to 10 per day. please call me at home at this time, haha. before i sleep ok. which just leaves barely two hours to contact me.

ok go clean the room, i want to be cleaner than this person’s room~ haha but actually your room is not that clean. neat maybe, clean…nah! haha.

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