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November 6, 2008

obama took the stage last night.  i think we’re more glad the election is over, no more bush, no more debating, but less of tina fey (ms ang sure is going to get sad).

THEATRE IS FINALLY O-V-E-R. suffering for 10 plus of them can kill me alone. they single handledly destroy the happy thought of theatre to me. though i still loving being in theatre, if FA mentioned any whisper about theatre, i would faint immediately. all of us took turns to doze off during the presentation, we were that tired. even before the whole session ends, we were celebrating with cups of root beer and canteen food.

darkroom proves to be a challenging task for me. after for so long of not touching it, i thought i could go in and get out very fast. but instead i wasted like 3 papers of it thinking it was good enough. it wasnt! i guess i would need to do more things about it then if i were to submit like 10 photos for my final piece..

tiring day. tiring day.

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