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That fat and lazy lecturer in NAFA

August 21, 2007

It is exhilarating to see your first black and white film develop out by yourself.

The joyous feeling, shaking the tank, pulling it out by yourself, measuring the chemicals makes everything so worth while. It does not matter if some of them are over exposed or under exposed, the feeling of holding it in your hand is like a newborn baby. You should have seen all our faces, we look like we won a million bucks.

School wise, photography class we finally did our contact prints. Fun! Fun! Fun! It was exactly what I did in photoshop and posted it up online. Except that able to hold it and look at it reached a much higher level. I declared my love for film and black and white. I think our lecturer, Ms Ho, noticed why is it always just the few of us doing the measuring for the chemicals. When we finished, she asked the boys to clear up.

I think it is the chemicals that got us high. Hitomi taught the boys a new trick and they went around testing people. It goes like “hey shihan, you want to go.” and you reply, “where.” They screamed, “underwear!!!!” We giggled like little kids. The other darkroom we used were a tad too dark and we had to keep adjusting our vision to the safe light. I thought i was quite expert until the very last minute I think I accidentally touched someone. HOHOHO! And when I go in, I keep screaming, “dont move, dont move” because i didnt want to bump into people.

Talking about darkroom makes my blood boil. We were a tad too late returning the things to our old darkroom, and our card could not access. Basically we were trapped. We recognized this person who is a lecturer in NAFA who is busy talking to a bunch of girls. We asked him if he could open the door for us, since they could access any room in NAFA. He took a glance at us and asked, “Who is your lecturer?” “Ms. Ho.” “Then get your lecturer to open the door for us.”

THIS FAT LAZY ASS WAS JUST STANDING TWO STEPS AWAY FOR THE DOOR AND HE COULD NOT EVEN OPEN THE DOOR FOR US. Instead he turned back his attention back to the girls. I just searched for his stupid face in the NAFA website, Mr Ang Chiat. Fat and stupid. You should see how irk his expression was, like “serve you right”. Us being so poor thing had to call our lecturer but she didnt pick up. At least this nice guy open the door for us.

And when we went down grumbling, we saw him again. This time from way way far ahead, I start saying Fat Fat Fat…and say fat better dont eat so much. We were very angry with that guy. Phew! angry angry. I see his stupid face everytime on the level 4. Irritating.

did a couple of conversation in my com. quite like it, this is my journey to the old NAFA, the uncle was very nice, telling me story.

I bumped into my primary school classmate on my way home. I think everyone’s reaction to me are the same, “why are you carrying so much things.” I dont know seriously, somehow or rather my bag would be heavy. The boy used to like me, you know primary school love this, love that. And the funny thing is that his two other good friends like me also and they would compete who can get the best gift for me.

for a period of time, i was kinda freaked out by all three. actually i kinda like one of them but still my general opinion of boys is i dont like them, im one of them. Eventually i was lucky enough to get to a better school than the three boys and slowly i lose contact with them. Once in a rare occasion i bumped into them, since they lived quite near my house. I always wonder why some are close to their primary school while I’m not. I think I chose not to, perhaps i feel kinda awkward to hang around them. The secondary school environment has changed me a lot, them and me obviously go for different kind of topics, like entertainment, music and even school. And sometimes I think I felt quite guilty for like choosing to ignore them when all they done was try to keep in contact. Karma shihan.



EDIT: the comments i made in this post has nothing to do with you. Unless YOUR lecturer wants me to remove them, i would gladly put a password to it. Other than that, I am entited to say what I feel and witness. You are welcome to feel what you feel about YOUR lecturer but i have the rights to retain my own personal opinions about HIM. so just feel right to do whatever you feel you would like to do, i welcome your mindless challenge. thank you.

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  1. August 21, 2007 2:17 pm

    I’m one of film photography lover, and still prefer use film. Film camera never die.
    It’s really fun and most happy time when you are student,so make it’s a great time.

  2. shihan.chen permalink*
    August 21, 2007 3:30 pm

    Yes I am having a great time learning film.
    thanks. :)

  3. eric permalink
    October 27, 2009 7:45 am

    you better remove those offensive remarks about our lecture within a week or you will hell regret.

  4. shihan.chen permalink*
    October 27, 2009 11:30 pm

    please refer to the edit as above.
    that’s all.

  5. Claire permalink
    August 11, 2011 1:59 pm

    to be honest, i don’t think that lecturer was obliged to help you open the door. you can’t expect him to open it for you as if he’d do it for anyone who asked him… And i’m not saying it because i know him. But anyhow, you’re entitled to your opinion as i am to mine.

    • shihan.chen permalink*
      August 11, 2011 2:52 pm

      Hi Claire,
      He wasn’t, yes that the fact despite it was a favour asking, not a demand. However it was his attitude that’s bad. And to be honest, it was just a door, if you had asked me, I would have gladly done so. I believe there wasnt any policy in NAFA that restricts this. And i have never seen anybody who refused to open a door, all the lecturers I’ve met are all more than willingly to help, even the ones that are not from my department.

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