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let’s do this recap before i run out of patience and delete this whole thing. so bare with me as it would be “kinda” long, the kinda is an underestimation.

January 07,

1. Biathlon, Marathon. Better timing, push up position at least five to ten.
2. Improve on photoshop, take more photos.
3. Be happy! Less crying, less harping, take things easy. Be the same ol’ self
4. More tolerant and patient (as I do it every year)
5. Thailand Trip baby, or backpacking.
6. Keep myself fulfilled this year, no regrets :)
7. Keep in touch with my friends, I havent been trying, am gonna.
8. To actually go do what I want to(dance lesson, learning a new instrument)
9. PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!!! I already have a list of people going. Hee Hee Hee
10. Most importantly! Be more hardworking.

my 07 resolution. no 1 was definitely fulfilled. no 2, more or less. no 3, well TOTALLY failed. no 4, hmmm i could really define if i did that. no 5, havent yet. no 6 i guess i did. no 7, ha! i think i failed at it. no 8, half? half? lifesaving counts? no 9, HAYA! i missed that. no 10, i think i fulfilled it, does going to school on a sunday contribute as hardworking, the result does shows a tiny bit of hardworking inside. :)

i spent my 07 mahijonging with best friend. what a way to spent New year. :) and i caught double rainbow, i thought at that moment 07 was going to be really special. the special moment was probably digging a big hole in my dad’s pocket because i fell really sick and had to go to a 24 hr clinic. my god-daughter alyssa was born, man was she huge. hoho.

january was quite a busy month i reckon. start lifesaving, trying attempts on my no 7 which was to meet up with friends, NAFA open house and work.

February 07,

my dear jas left for australia for study on 10feb. it all happen to fast and furious for me to really react. the 4/5 clique got together for a last before she left, it was good at Bt. timah laughing and remincising the old times.

i had a “date” for v-day, which was my gay buddy. mentioning gay buddy always makes me laugh, he makes me laugh. he’s probably one of the few guys i can really crap and gossip with, he really likes to gossip. plus we share a common interest, liverpool. i wonder if next year england trip really going to come true, if so, i better start saving up.

getting to know the lifesaving people, am glad to know them. they’re a bunch of sporty yet funny people, trying every way to make training fun, lazy but tedious every single time.

and well, i kinda given up on that mystery person. hopeless and coward.

March 07,

NUS biathlon + food poisoning + Singapore biathlon

march 15, i fell out of love (maybe that wasnt love in the first place).

the usual feeling of “i should have run faster and not walk at certain point, then my result would have been better.” still i achieved the increased in position as i wanted, the timing greatly improved, but with the cuiness of my knee increasing.

the food poisoning was the highlight of the month. i didnt know getting so sick was such a torture, feeling light and almost blacking out was terrible and supposedly a cab ride home could kill a person.

AND! i ended year one, wasnt great but still i made some good friends which laughed my way through may to march. and then commenced my long 4 month holiday break.

April 07,

work + sunday people + funny

sunday people made my day, all my sundays were spent at east coast getting really tanned, really dirty and having a good workout every single time. i enjoyed the long journey there and back, often a free ride home. hoho. and swimming out at open sea with fins was simply the best, like speedboat feeling. heh heh! flying through water.

work was frustrating and funny, aka the intern. she is probably the only one who made me laugh and cry at the same time. and i often wonder if it is the disguise she puts on to get away easy. and it is the very first person that i actually send a letter to the school complaining about the intern.

i had always something funny to blog everyday. it was kinda the “fun” time.

and i guess april i was on a bitchy mood. april’s entries are kinda bitchy, keep gossiping about people and their business, haha.

May 07,

ms ang went off for the wta travel. and i had fun with her throughout her travel just webcaming and talking online. webcam became one of my addiction, along with many others.

may was simply lifesaving and east coast plenty. i did my first lifeguard event at a HP swimming carnival, it was really fun, like being dumped into water but all the guys dragging you into the water. and being the mastermind of 9 guys being dumped into the water. it was hella of fun. good times. before the few boys went into army.

June 07,

i did alot of pranks that very month. ah yang was going into army and i made a dare with him saying if he wore purple fbt to training and i would get him that. sherman and i wrote sexy for a ns man underneath his purple fbt. it was hilarious, many brought their camera that day just to take photo of that.

the east coast hut became my second home. buying grocery and cleaning out kayak, staying overnight became almost a weekly occasion. and i passed my bronze medallion, am a certified lifeguard within 6 months of training.

oh, june was also the month i started participating in great singapore sale. i never knew i could spend, haha! yes i used to hate shopping, i started the shopping at vivo every weekend routine with best friend during the gss.

July 07,

msn working buddy + great singapore sale + karma + second year!

it was quite a satisfied to be exact. i got to know msn working buddy, he’s really a nice guy whom best friend keeps wondering why we spoke so much. i thought maybe there was something more happening between us. i really did enjoyed my msn conversation with him during work, almost every day of it. too bad it lasted too short cause my second year started quite shortly.

second year started not too bad, had a lot of laughter. i think i went out for a dinner with msn working buddy. funny first meet up, short dinner meet up though.

and great singapore sale made its way to the core of my bank account. way too much was spent on this gss, at least 1000 made its way to singapore’s economy. i swear i didnt know this much i spent but could figure out looking at the new clothes i’ve obtained over a short period of time.

August 07.

propose + photography loves + short lasted i guess + almost becoming a whale + my day!

august was a busy month, school, lifesaving, going out, birthdayssss.

jason finally proposed to his gf, finally! i felt relived for him, i could almost feel his burden on my shoulder finally lifted. phew!

professing my love for photography, loving it even more when my modules includes actual shooting. getting sexcited over many things and people.

well, msn working buddy and i had a conflict over his friend, it was such an angry incident. i actually intended to be more angry at him but i guess it wasnt worth it over such a person i didnt even knew well. i guess it kinda stop everything that i thought something was supposed to happen. and i was on my way to be a whale, i started eating fishes at school and outside.

birthday was good, spent it with daniel and friends at st james. it was really good day i guess, got a free shot. heh! and also with best friend, the best friend’s bf and ms ang. free drinks also! hooters! shooters! ahhhhh…it was indeed an alcoholic month, haha!

September 07,

too much clubbing + a3 hoho + a2 (sept 5) + school.

school leaves sleepless night and i think it officially set in the hardworking and not enough sleep. i start to get stress out by alot of things, by my photography and focus not sharp. but at the end of the month, i was getting eased into photography. i guess photography module didnt start very well, it started to progress only in the middle.

clubbing took alot of september i guess. the knowing of a3 was really among the highlight of the year. a2 also, i have never been so sexcited about one single person and even venturing into old nafa just to bump my luck into seeing a2 at work. i think what attracts me the most is someone who is so passionate and serious about their work.

a3 got me really confused too, luckily i was quite cautious with my words. and i came up with the printmaking whale theory. ahahaha! it was fun while it lasted, the theory still exists though.!

October 07,

photography plenty + namecard lookalike + whale fishing

i got an A in one of the photography assignment. the feeling was almost like striking gold and i really did put in effort for that self portrait series, and im glad that the effort was noticed and i was quite glad for all the prints i did, though frustrating but it was at least better than the ones in the beginning.

i was quite mean when i got to know namecard lookalike, just because he looked like namecard size. i laughed at the very idea. namecard lookalike, you are so much nicer than namecard size. :). you’re a good friend.

i did whale fishing that month too. hahaha, i think the second half of the year was crazy, school was crazy and i even had silly time to do whale fishing. everything was going quite smoothly i say, school was going to end in a few weeks time, more time were spent in school. hardworking? i dont know.

November 07,

end of semester one + i hate my life + lime sonic bang + photography seminar.

november really drained everything out of me for this year i guess. all the hard work boils down to this final assignment, i almost didnt make it.

something happen on the night before. a permanent scar left on my right arm, tears could not stop floating, somehow i preoccupied my whole brain to finishing this and not waste my hard work did the trick and i even had an hour of sleep before that very assignment. the great achievement was to hear your main module lecturers praising you for your improvement and hard works put out. and more importantly from someone i really respect for his art works.

some grades were quite surprising, some were not. at least im happy for it to end. i happily announced to them that i would be sleeping my holiday off. and i did! that was real good. i also did a photography seminar, well, i didnt exactly benefit much but got to know the yr 3 better.

went out a couple of time. and i am so glad to say that i am way over a3. to be honest, it took quite long for me to get over a3 when i know i should be over in the beginning, i think the small incident just stuck in my head and i couldnt get over it and a3.

December 07,

no life + i disappear + small bonding session + many movies

no life no life no life december.

i decided to disappear for the month of december. i dont expect people to understand but i needed the time to do soul searching and reflect (alot) on myself and life. to decide all over again what is important and what is redundant and should be eliminated. i know people are concern, pissed, irritated. i want to think i am affected but i couldnt be bothered. at least let me finish this year being quiet and being happy in my own thoughts. i think i have been too comforted swimming in my own thoughts.

this month has been slacking way too much, i dont exercise. the rain, the knees, the sleeping hour all interrupted. haha!

this december i guess that i really enjoy was the small, impromptu (maybe bonding) session with best friend. a couple of times, walking, meeting, eating (lesser), steamboating, ben and jerry, mumbling in our attempt to sleep at 5am and then having at 7am for her to go to school. it was really GOOD. like nothing else didnt matter.

and i got to see sasa, she really had grown. carrying her was like exercising. her mom told me not to swing her up and down, left and right too much in the car but then glory says, hello you think we can swing her so much, she’s so heavy then the up and down is just a tiny tiny little bit. i look at her, i still get surprised that she’s not yet one. and this year proves to be a really long and “fulfilled” year?

i know this year hasnt end yet but as usual if 07 is nearing, i wouldnt be that bothered to recap the whole year. this year is truely alot of ups and downs. more ups than downs i reckon, i get to experience whale fishing at its potential, speaking from someone with zero whale experience and i kinda enjoyed it. the feeling of single, the feeling of almost liking someone, going out on dates(aha!), going out feeling like a girl.

i thought 07 had me good, being more extrovert, almost finding myself back there. though i think i lost it in nov, dec but i had my own big share of fun. i had many thoughts about 07, but somehow i couldnt organized them well enough to pen them in order. oh well, when the time comes.

mainly i think it was a self discovery journey. i hate to be selfish but yes a self discovery journey, aint it always. i ended the year how i wanted, reflecting and “soul searching” but i think i did find a little bit of me here and there.

as usual, i love my friends, i like to bitch, becoming more out spoken, not afraid to speak my idea, somehow i like the way im turning out, even though what people may say. it’s still me, though flawed but i like the flaws, my flaws make me unique. :).

i took a bloody long time to do this post, an hour plus. can you believe it. i must be real bored. haha!

enjoy the rest of 07 people. (leave me a link on your reflection on 07)

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